Samy Dolah

Managing Director, Trading

Mr. Dolah is responsible for the modeling, evaluation and pricing of all whole loan acquisitions.  Mr. Dolah’s responsibilities include oversight and aggregation of all seller, external and internal due diligence data, interpretation and incorporation of all available information into bids, collaboration and negotiation with counterparties, and interfacing with and ensuring adherence to investor requirements. Mr. Dolah is also responsible for developing and maintaining AMIP’s pricing models, including monitoring and incorporating macroeconomic inputs and factors and analyzing historical portfolio performance.  Mr. Dolah oversees lender due diligence for securitizations.

Mr. Dolah has been within AMIP since its inception, acquiring over $2B UPB in residential mortgages across multiple investment funds. As a key member of the capital markets team, Mr. Dolah has been instrumental to the development and implementation of AMIP’s acquisition, disposition, due diligence and transaction management strategies, policies and procedures. 

Mr. Dolah holds a BA from Boston University and an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business.